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IsoBoard is a rigid, high density, extruded polystyrene thermal insulation board, which has a one hundred percent closed cell structure, giving it a range of properties very different from common expanded polystyrene. Having been tried & tested since 1970 through out the world and manufactured in the South African market for nearly 2 decades, this international product contains a substantial amount of properties that are unique: It has a high resistance to water vapour diffusion, water absorption and to Heat Flow. IsoBoard contains self-extinguishing fire retardants, non-flammable blowing gasses and will not propagate fire in exposed roof applications. It is odourless, chemically inert and does not supply nutrition for pests, or support micro organism  growth As a result of all these characteristics, as well as many other benefits, IsoBoard is sufficiently versatile to make it an innovative and cost effective alternative to conventional insulation products in roofs, walls, floors and many other retrofitted applications.
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